This is All of My Brother's Girlfriends.

- I never thought anyone would ever listen to my music. That was never my intention either. But now that I know that people actually listen, I hope that I get a chance to put out records for people to rock-out and have a good time to!

All of My Brother's Girlfriends is the moniker that Pontus Tenggren uses when he is making music on his own. Residing in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, leading an ordinary life, working in order to pay his bills, recording songs, not knowing what's ahead of him. Future, of course! -But what does the future have in store for this kid? In 2002, Pontus decided that he wanted to be in a band again. After a few miserably faild attempts to play with other people, he decided to start a one man band. A Spanish guitar and a tape recorder was all that he needed to start recording.
- I had this guitar and a tape recorder, so recorded songs because I knew how to! I guess that it's quite the same for any band!?

Press Rec, play and sing along

Not much happened between 2002 and 2003. Pontus only recorded two or three songs that he felt he could show to others, but he never did it. He kept on recording these three songs for another hundred times and was pretty happy with that.
- I never felt the need to show these songs to anyone. I was pretty happy keeping them to myself, Pontus says. I never thought anyone would take notice anyway.

After having recorded each song approximately two-hundred-and-fifty times, Pontus showed the songs to one of his friends and agreed on recording the songs with him at his place. Only to have recorded them and be able to leave them behind and start making new songs. The recordings were called 'The View of Parking Lot Sessions', named after the studio where the songs were recorded.

In October, 2004, Pontus met Frida, drummer of the Swedish pop super-duo Rough Bunnies, and they started corresponding via e-mail. The bands played a couple of shows together and became fast friends.

- I had thought about it for a long time, and I figured I wanted a drummer for the band. I've always liked the idea of a girl and a boy being in a band together. And to me, Frida fit more than perfect. But Pontus never ever got around to ask if she wanted to play drums with him. - I was afraid that she'd turn me down, but she didn't! Now the band looks like a band that I would want to see myself. A girl behind the drums, standing up, singing; and a guy doing the other stuff! Bands like, The Vaselines, Beat Happening and The Pastels have always been bands that we listen to for inspiration. Jonathan Richman is also a great source of inspiration. I don't really know if we sound like any of these bands or artists, but, hey!, that's what we listen to!

- It feels really good being in this band with Pontus. I really like him and the music that he makes. And I really like palying with him. I feel safe playing with him. It's Pontus who does all the hard work, since it is his band; so I don't feel that I have that much responsabilities. But I hope to be great band member and add whatever.

Upon asking her about what she think she will add to the band, she pauses and thinks for a sec and then says: "hm, Drums? Even though he already uses drum machines, I figure I'll add some dynamics. I'll sing too, if he asks me to!"

- We want to make music for people who feel the need to hear songs about tigers, seasons and all kinds of stuff. These things just pop up in our heads all the time, don't they? I would want for it to appeal both your gramma and your little brother. And hopfully that is what it does...

Press stop - static

Pontus: "In September, 2005, Frida moved to Stockholm to study. We made a very mature decision that it would be better if she wasn't in the band anymore. She felt somewhat fed up with the idea to be in three bands that was almost the same band, or at least the people that played in them. Also, that AoMBG was my band, in which I did everything. So we thought that it'd be better if she left the band so we didn't have to give up The Flame. The decision was very mature and pretty much the opposite of what AoMBG is about. Aombg is as far away from an adult world as possible. Once a very wise man said something about rock n' roll being a teenage sport played by people of various ages, it's all about whether they got love in their hearts. And that pretty much captures what AoMBG is all about. I thought about how to move on a lot and how to continue playing without a drummer. I asked some people who told me they were up for it, but I have the vision of how I want the band to be. So, aombg is pretty much me and all of my friends. I want to be able to make music without thinking about what the band is able to do. I have lots of friends who are great people that make awesome stuff with instruments. I don't want any boundries..."